Thursday, May 30, 2013

I am THIS many!

Before I was a mom I thought it was so cute when you asked a little kid how old they are and they could not tell you with words... they had to hold up the appropriate number of fingers - one finger at a time of course - and say, "I am THIS many!"

Caleb PROUDLY works to get his three little fingers sticking straight up (he first started out having to hold the other fingers down per daddy's instruction so as to keep them all from coming up... but by now his muscles have nicely developed :) whenever anyone asks him how old he is these days.

3 years old.

Caleb is so sweet with Kali May and Jessa. He fondly refers to them as "my sisters!" in such an affectionate way that it just melts your heart. He is constantly "rescuing" them from all sorts of peril and demise, and gets excited when I tell him it is his job to protect them. And at the same time Caleb is such a little BOY to his sisters. Just as he is fondly hugging Kali May, you will see this fit of affectionate RAGE come over him and he turns his hug into a football move and tackles her to the ground. And I fear for poor Jessa some moments when Caleb crawls over to her and "fondly" pulls on her legs and then lays down on top of her and babbles (more like yells)  random thoughts into her ears, all in the name of brotherly love. I asked Caleb if he could feed Jessa some cheerios (expecting him to take them from the cup on the counter and put them on her tray like I do, only to come in the kitchen and find her mouth literally packed full to the brim and a look on her face as though she was just waiting for what he was going to pop in there next.

 I went back to Caleb's birthday post from last year (found here) and laughed as a lot of what I had to write about Caleb this year is the same as last year. I still forget so often that he is a whole year younger than Kali May. He is just as passionate as ever with everything he does in life, and he stills LOVES cars and vehicles. Although these days he's moved on from dump trucks to helicopters, jeeps, and fire trucks as his favorite modes of transportation. And Superheros... that is a new world for us here in the Mallon household. He LOVES Superman and Spiderman especially, and spends a long time looking at the two books we have of these characters.

Super Why, one of the cartoons we watch frequently, is his favorite form of "Superhero" and also combines his love for LETTERS... he walks around sounding out letters and sounds all day long. So for his birthday, we had a fun little SUPER WHY party! Here are a few pictures from his special day:

I LOVE my amazing little 3 yr old. He is so fun and full of laughs and jokes. He has inherited his daddy's sense of humor and thinks all forms of tricks are super fun. He still loves to take his naps, and often even puts HIMSELF to sleep around noon if I have not gotten around to it yet :) :) He has been LOVING swimming so far this year, and is super excited to get to start AWANA next fall like Kali May got to do this last year. I am so thankful for him and can't wait to see God continue to grow him more and more into a brave man each day.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Beach, Water Guns, and Megan and Jason :)

Jason and Megan Fremont were here for a wedding the weekend after Andrew left, and we had tons of fun with them. Jason got to hang out with us more while Megan was doing wedding things, and even help us throw Caleb's birthday party! To thank him for all that time he spent with us, I only got ONE photo of him! He really was here and we enjoyed spending time with him a lot, as well as Megan when she was free :) It was also really fun going to the wedding of our friend Amanda - we got to see lots of old friends from church a few years back!

The rest of the weekend we mostly played out in our backyard and watched the kids swing and have water gun fights, and then on Monday (sadly Scott had to work) before they took off, we all drove to Santa Monica and had a beach day... it was SOOOOO fun... until the kids and I got stuck for 4 hrs in traffic on the way back from dropping The Fremonts at LAX. HA. that made it.... well... memorable :)

We loved having the Fremonts and hope they come back soon!!!

Jessa - 7 Months